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2 months ago


Happy #FathersDay! Today we are highlighting second-generation Allstate Agency Owners who have followed in their fathers’ footsteps. Take a look at these stories of family legacy here: ... See MoreSee Less

Happy #FathersDay! Today we are highlighting second-generation Allstate Agency Owners who have followed in their fathers’ footsteps. Take a look at these stories of family legacy here:

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So glad I have Allstate Insurance for Home-Auto-Life! They have never let me down and my agent is always available when I need him! Thanks Allstate!

Pop told me NEVER use allstate, WORST mistake I ever made was THEM, and NEVER AGAIN!!!! One WISE old man!!! BEST advise I ever got!!!!

Had to file a claim first time just terrible won't fix my truck wright got damage to frame and they won't.fix it they said theirs not enough damage to have caused it well it wasn't bent before I will get what I can get fixed then find a different insurance company 😡😡😡

The worst insurance company on the market

Bye bye Allstate , Hello Erie. $85 a month on auto insurance savings , and home owners went down $200 + a year !!!

Go Allstate! The best insurance


That's amazing. Have you guys prepared them for the denials that u guys do in order to not pay legitimate claims?

There are white fathers also. Allstate is the racist.

Never. I repeat NEVER have Allstate Insurance. We wanted to change from MN to MI. They had changed the address BUT we were still insured in Minnesota, not Michigan. THEN, when they "corrected" it they opened a new insurance policy WHILE keeping the one in Minnesota open therefore charging us twice. THEN, when "corrected" it again the new policy was not due to start until August 30th, leaving us uninsured and unable to get license plates AND no refund for the double policy. We asked them to correct this and they said they did and emailed us the same policy with the August 30th date. Jon has been on the phone with them non-stop and their answer is, "Trust us, you'll be fine and are covered." Yet if we are pulled over by police they will look at the date and say we are not insured. This is illegal and horrific how they have treated us and continue to treat and lie to us. Spread the word, Allstate is Horrible!!!

Then maybe Allstate isn't the company for you.

You guys have horrible customer service. Never again.

Horrible service!

Allstate will steal your money

Worst insurance company. People I warn you to stay away from this insurance company. The claims department is so horrible. I filed a claim and they sent the money to the wrong person who accepted it. I am the one getting screwed now I’ve been waiting for 4 weeks now with no update or answers. Bye bye allstate


Worst insurance company out there. Was hit by one of there clients and even though he admitted it was his fault they still tried to say it was mine. It has been three weeks and finally got my car back and the adjuster never calls me back. I have to call my insurance company to call her so she will respond to me. They have me lost wages and still dragging there feet and when I called another agent to see why she doesn’t call me back they states she has over 600 cases and doesn’t have time to call people. WTF

Compared to what I been paying all state will be charging me 260.30 every 6 months compared to 526 every 6 months

I am 99% ready to end my policy with Allstate. I have been a customer with Allstate for over thirty years and I have been waiting for a call from my adjuster for FOUR DAYS. I need action now!

Too bad this kid doesn't have a dad. Or a responsible insurance company to replace his bike.


i've had Allstate for a long time now...but your "safe Driver save 40% is REALLY annoying....shut it off every time it comes on. must have been hard for the "actors" to learn!

How in the heck can ERIE insurance quote me the exact same policy I have with Allstate for $1,300 less per year? Seriously are you ripping us off? 30 years of being an Allstate customer is coming to an end. Can you match ERIE Insurance's quote? If so I'll stay, if not I'm gone. The ball is in your court !!

Raising premiums during covid... real classy

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2 months ago


In our stand against racism, we’re making changes within Allstate, and extending the good beyond Allstate. ... See MoreSee Less

In our stand against racism, we’re making changes within Allstate, and extending the good beyond Allstate.

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They do nothing but raise the rates on homeowners insurance and screw people out of the 5 mile fire department discount when the stations rebuilt placing it at 5.2 miles from your home on a 50 mph highway with no stops. Brilliant greedy business.

So happy to work for a company who cares about recent events and really listens 💜💜

How about answering the phone

Recently changed to another insurance provider. Just found out Allstate charged me more then double on my homeowners by making my house $70000 more then what it’s worth. Also changed my car insurance. Paying more then half less per month. I’ve been with them for 30+ years and found out they’ve been ripping me off. want to stand against can barely take care of customers! One thing at a time.

Alstate screwed me over so freaking bad i really hope they all catch the virus and die!!!-

Then we suggest that you fire Daniel Maples. We have insurance through you and we will be cancelling if he stays in your organization.

What happened to the promised refunds when Covid 19 began? Hopefully there "In Good Hands!" Bc it is not in mine.

Really that is not true for this African American client. Hey FB, Allstate auto insurance took my premium up by 29.1 percent annual for a fender bender. I am protesting through insurance commission.

I’ve been trying to contact Allstate for over a month and every time I call it’s the same lady and she literally told me “we don’t speak Spanish” and hung up in me. That’s the type of people you guys hire? That’s racist.

Not sure why my car insurance went up 70$ when i have no points and no cliams and car is a year older. Seems like you guys are trying to recoop the 10$ you guys gave me the last 3 months

Allstate has been screwing up my claim. I was rear ended and they listed me at fault. My car has been sitting in a shop with no work being done, I just now got a rental but this has been going on for 2 MONTHS now. Screwing up left & right. My advice leave All-State an go somewhere else! All-State is a joke. USAA for those who can and Farmers for those who can't

waited on hold for a little over an hour for someone in 3-4 seconds to say I'm sorry we have a bad connection then after I said something again I'm sorry we still have a bad connection good bye. Great company so far takes my money so the the government can be happy and this is what i get so happy to have this insurance.

Allstate insurance is a joke. I had coverage with them for years and switched to State Farm in March because Allstate was robbing me blind with their premiums. I’m so glad I did! Mom has Allstate Insurance and they just “got” her for a few thousand dollars. Yesterday we had left for a few hours and when I was dropping her back home, 4 rooms were flooded from the water supply line to a toilet breaking somehow. We called and got a claim number and was given the go ahead to call ServPro. ServPro was out here in an hour. This morning Allstate adjuster called and said her policy didn’t cover this and refused her claim. WHY would her agent tell her she has a policy that covers anything that could damage her home?? WHY would Allstate have someone assign claim numbers and approve work without verification of coverage?? Now she’s left, as most elderly people are, on a fixed income with these bills. #allstateinsurance total disgrace

I was involved in a hit and run. The person that hit me has all state insurance. They are not going to pay for the damage to my car. Say I was the one with road rage. I have the police report and he has a ticket. Your insurance suck and you should be a shame of yourself for lying on people!!!

READ: "Because this is something that people care about at the moment, we are going to take the opportunity to advertise that we are doing something we should have been doing all along. Hopefully it will be a profitable decision."... no business GAF about any modern day events. They exist to make money not cater to any agenda.

Closed, what an absolute sucky company, I'm gonna go back to AAA

Change this. Tow truck called 5:30. It is 7:14 pm and the truck is not here yet. How does the app think the truck has been here already?

I do not feel like I'm In Good Hands with @Allstate, probably because I am not the person insured! You are being ridiculous to stand your ground by requiring photographs of my personal property that was inside of my RV Trailer Pop-Up that YOUR insured driver destroyed when he slammed into the rear of me. I CANT GET INSIDE OF MY RV TRAILER!!! I don't understand how you can accept ALL liability for my totaled RV Trailer and truck bumper damage, but not accept the $830 in personal property that ANYONE would consider normal personal property inside of RV Trailer. #unfair #unreasonable Just like this article; Are you in good hands? Not if you get hit by someone with Allstate, victims say

Allstate sucks big time. They added a clause so they don’t pay for my roof. Did I pay a portion or my premiums for nearly 10 years? Why are you only trying to pay half the cost of my roof? I would not recommend Allstate. They cheat homeowners #Disappointed

what state is not as great as they advertise I am currently fighting for my life with cancer and have had a good record until a fender bender prior to my cancer diagnosis because they paid for a doctor visit they put that I had a bodily injury claim and raised my insurance four times what it was. I currently have high hospital bills from my cancer and all they want is their money I had to get forgiveness on other bills just so that I could pay Allstate their money for a car that doesn't even get driven because with my treatment obviously I'm not driving my car but need coverage I have paid the premium of $1,600 for 6 months for a car that is completely paid for. And their accident forgiveness is only for certain States and you actually have to pay an extra premium for that so what they advertise on TV is bogus.

Allstate is the biggest ripoff... I’ve never felt so hopeless in a situation... All they want is your money and when it’s time to pay a claim they find any loop hole not to now I’m unemployed and out of a car

Well the only reason that i am on Facebook is because i am seeking fair compensation from Allstate on an accident that their driver took responsibility for and Allstate paid for my vehicle damage on but will not pay for my medical bills. I posted it on my page. I'm 70 y/o taking care of my 90 y/o mother. I'm not trying to swindle them out of money ro trying to get rich off of them. I am ONLY seeking for my medical bills to be paid and for fair compensation for pain and suffering. Has anyone else had this problem with Allstate?

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