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3 weeks ago


When you have 65 dogs on one field anything can—and will—happen. Especially Mayhem. #sponsored Tune in to Animal Planet tonight at 8 PM ET for the #dogbowl ... See MoreSee Less

When you have 65 dogs on one field anything can—and will—happen. Especially Mayhem. #sponsored Tune in to Animal Planet tonight at 8 PM ET for the #DogBowl

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Had a car run into my shop. After 4 weeks of dealing with you guys (in which you haven't even sent an adjuster out) I'm told 4-6 months to process a claim. This is absolutely ridiculous that allstate would do this and potentially put a small business owner out of business.

Hi, Several days ago I received a letter in the mail from Allstate. I didn't know who it was from until I opened the letter. The outside of the envelope showed my name and address. Where a return address is usually placed was a picture of MY HOUSE. At first I thought this was from someone who wanted to buy my house. Regardless, it was very, very Creepy to have a letter sent with a picture of my house on the outside - or even inside would be creepy - of the envelope. I strongly recommend that you stop this tactic. Invasive. Hope you heard me.

Speaking of mayhem Any reason why your total loss department just tried to send the pay off to my lean holder with the value of the car is being disputed and re-evaluated and it stating that in the claim? As well as doing this all without my permission and without even contacting me? They called twice trying to get me to give the information and I told them both times I haven’t even spoken to anyone regarding what is going on from total loss yet and the amount was not agreed upon, and the second time they called trying and I asked to speak to another agent or a supervisor about this they hung up on me Y’all need to cover the mayhem going on in your total loss before anyone else’s All this is happening and I wasn’t even at fault for the accident and it seems as if you guys are just trying to get the claim over with and don’t want to help

This a money hungry company I never agreed to go through the insurance policy with them. They still went through the policy without my consent and now this is on my credit. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Allstate sure likes to take their sweet time, returning money they stole. I doubt i will ever do business with Allstate again.

I love Dean Winters as Mayhem!!!! But he rocks as Tina Fey’s St Bernard puppy & also as her mother in-law!! They crack me up!! Gooo Allstate!!!!

This insurance is absolute garbage. Can never get a hold of a supervisor when I need one. Last night my car chevy cruze 2016 died on me and it was just so hard to get roadside assitance. Ended up paying 120 dollars out of pocket. Now they want me to pat more money out of pocket to get a rental. I could end up losing my job because of Allstate and they’re crappy auto-shops.

I can't believe all the negative comments on here. I have NEVER had a problem with Allstate and I've been with Allstate for 6 years. When I had my accident, Allstate sent me a message immediately after I filed the claim asking if I was okay. They called me immediately to talk about getting my car fixed and it was fixed within two weeks. Whenever I have a question with my agent, I get a call, text or email within the hour. Allstate takes care of me and my premiums have never gone up to where I'd think its suspicious. Two dollar increase?? And then it stays there? I'll take it. I've saved over 400 dollars by switching from Progressive to Allstate! .

Got a letter with a pic of my home and vehicles. WTF gave them permission, i have no idea With a estimated cost for home insurance coverage of 300k for 400 a year. A complete scam. Not even close to it. A waste of time and invasion of privacy.

I love the mayhem commercials. I think the lady driving in the St Bernard and the mother n law commercials look line Sarah Palin. Please never get rid of him. He's awesome 😁🙃

You are in good hands with Allstate if you are one of their policyholders and you are involved in a hit and run! It does not matter if you have a witness, a police report, and a bag full of wreckage from the Allstate policyholder's car! ATTENTION:. IF YOU HAVE INSURANCE WITH ALLSTATE, JUST KNOW THAT YOU TOO CAN HIT A CAR, CAUSE DAMAGE AND LEAVE THE SCENE, AND ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO YOU!!! It's time to get an attorney and file a complaint with the insurance commission.

Allstate is Mayhem they allow there clients to wreck property and then refuse to pay for property damages. Another example of how the little guy has to battle corporate greed.

Just make sure you do not get hit from the rear and crack the engine block because it is not covered. My friend must have been driving around with a cracked engine block without coolant prior to the collision.

Allstate is a terrible insurance company. DO NOT GET ALLSTATE. I hope they make everything right with the accident I was in with their client. May have to get collision claim associates involved.

I am having an extremely difficult time working with your team of adjusters. I need you to contact me

You guys must be having trouble keeping customers. Five or Six years ago I had an incident where a teenage child was trespassing on my property, claimed that my dog bit her, there were no witnesses, the dog was inside a fenced yard, the kid was outside the fence but still claimed that it was my dog who bit her. When questioned by police and lawyers, the kid changed her story multiple times. Your company, without consulting me, immediately decided to settle out of court, then your agent called me to tell me that I was being dropped as a customer. All this after more than 30 years as a loyal customer who rarely filed ANY claims. In fact, over the years, I had two claims, one for storm damage to my home, and one for vandalism when local kids tore the external mirrors off my car. I pleaded with your reps not to drop me, and I was given a list of things I had to do to remain in your good graces. This included surrendering my dog to animal control, and keeping my mouth shut while you appeased the complainant. After I did that, you kept me as a customer... and raised my rated by $600.00 a year. So I looked for other, more affordable insurance. Then this week, your agent called me and cried on my shoulder to come back as a customer. Now why would an insurance company who felt that I was such a high risk that they needed to drop me, now come back seeking me out, to try to take me on as a customer? Is business that bad?

My friend just got hit from behind on a small accident. Allstate paid $150 for pain and suffering and $750 for the vehicle damage. Wow. Do not get Allstate.

Allstate, our car was parked in a parking lot and was hit by your client. It has taken you a week to claim liability. When talking with your employees, we are told we will get reimbursed for a rental car if liability is indeed on your client. Now you tell us rental car won’t get started until today - when you accepted liability. WHAT IS SOMEONE SUPPOSED TO DO WITHOUT A CAR?!? Worst customer service. No one knows what they’re talking about. No one returns calls.

Your Mayhem commercials, especially the ones with Tina Fey, are so disgusting it makes me want to change insurance companies. Get rid of Mayhem! (A current customer.)

They sponsored the puppy bowl that's funny since they believe in treating their customers like dogs.

Worst insurance experience ever! Good hands? I don't think so.

Tell me how a agent sara scales in Lafayette IN has one of our policies when I signed up with her dad Scott scales in Frankfort IN without my permission? Then the sales person charged me a lot more than originally quoted that day, then when I tried to talk to someone another staff threatened to call police on me? You have some very bad apples in your tree, moving to a company we can trust!

Please, please, get rid of the Mayhem commercials, I can't stand them!!!

I love these commercials. He cracks me up and so does Tina Fey.

And will also be named in my lawsuit !!!

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1 month ago


Since 2014, Allstate Agent Ralph Rios has been co-running Connect With a Wish. His charity provides support for hundreds of foster children. ... See MoreSee Less

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May 15, 2019, I was rear ended by one of your Allstate customers. Banged up and cut up a little and I had to go to the emergency room just to be able to go back to work. Cost of the visit, about $1400, but the great Allstate Insurance WILL NOT PAY THAT BILL. Not asking for another penny, I just want the hospital and the doctors paid for their services caused by your customer. Any idea why they won’t pay after 2 promises on the phone to take care of it?? My last call in September. Guess it’s time to get a lawyer involved and ITS YOUR CUSTOMERS FAULT.

Allstate is the worst! No one ever returns a phone call!!!!!!!! Please do not choose this company for any reason.

Allstate made a mistake on my policy that cost me hundreds of dollars and they refuse to return the overcharged money. You are criminals who prey on your customers.

I was rear ended by someone who has Allstate insurance. The agent said he would do whatever to get my car back to its original state. The body shop over looked some damages underneath the car and now the agent is refusing to cover the damages. Now I have to hire an attorney.

Allstate raised my rates 2 times in the last year. I guess that is why they won't write a one year auto policy. That way they can raise the rates twice a year.

TERRIBLE customer service. I had a green light and went straight through an intersection, and one of their policy holders turned left into the side of my car. Allstate said they weren’t paying the claim, that I should have seen her and gotten out of the way 🙃 so I’m stuck with $1300 worth of damage. Oh and the adjuster handling my case thought it was funny. Like I said, terrible customer service.

Allstate, can you please tell me why you raised your prices nationwide? You are the only company that if you are a good driver, your premium goes up every six month and not down. I just want to know why that is and if this is a thing that occurs every six month, I would like to cancel my plan.

crappy insurance .. still waiting for a “supervisor” to get in contact with to discuss my claim. Allstate is wasting me money and time

You really need to get rid of your man-dog commercials. It certainly deferred me.

Did you know your donations to Step Up for students in Florida aka the tax break for needy students actually go to schools that discriminate against students and take away monies from public school. Public schools that 90% of all children attended. Sad you support this. ☹️

allstate is creepy sending me pics of my house trying to get me to switch to them. Really kind of stalker-ish

You are in good hands with Allstate if you are one of their policyholders and you are involved in a hit and run! It does not matter if you have a witness, a police report, and a bag full of wreckage from the Allstate policyholder's car! ATTENTION:. IF YOU HAVE INSURANCE WITH ALLSTATE, JUST KNOW THAT YOU TOO CAN HIT A CAR, CAUSE DAMAGE AND LEAVE THE SCENE, AND ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO YOU!!! It's time to get an attorney and file a complaint with the insurance commission.

I’m disgusted with this company. This is the second year in a row you added someone with no blood relation to me to my policy without my consent. I have provided ample proof that she was insured by her husband as well as proof the she does not even live at my address and still you refuse to remove her from my policy. And now I’m told a leagal apartment lease agreement is insufficient proof of address?! I need additional documentation?! You want her bank statement and you want her credit card bill. who in there right mind would hand that over to someone?!

Allstate has taken 57+ days to even properly assign an adjuster when their insured hit my vehicle in my own driveway (even though I was, at the time, also insured by them). Being driven to the point of frustration where I'm considering hiring an attorney over possible deceptive insurance practices. "In good hands" is a lie.

What is the point of Allstate rewards if you can’t ever actually redeem for anything? Biggest scam ever

Wanna get fu**ed...use Allstate!! They screw their policyholders too!!! 😡😡😡 #getfuckedbyallstate

Let's see.... An Allstate driver hits and Totals my car, injures me, and then Allstate thinks they don't need to do anything. So far I've paid my own tow bill, my own rental car, I have no vehicle, and my insurance has been paying my medical. I've been stranded with no vehicle since December. I've been passed along to several people, "pretend" supervisors, and no one has responded to my last email for almost 3 weeks. The only people who contact me now are people from an India call center who want the Title to my car. I've been told that if I don't like what they're doing I should go thru my own insurance, they've "accidentally" undervalued my car, comped my car with cars that have salvaged titles, and comped my car with cars in other States. And no one has ever contacted me about my Loss of Use. I think it's really pathetic that you treat people this way. It's like a big, giant, "Screw you!" It's no wonder people have to hire attorneys. #notingoodhandswithallstate


Esta aseguranza es una mierda


Where did they get pictures of your house

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