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All our new pieces are designed to work together, so anything can be an outfit. There are so many surprising details & lots of ways to wear #gymboreestyle. #madeyousmile

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All our new pieces are designed to work together, so anything can be an outfit. There are so many surprising details & lots of ways to wear #gymboreestyle. #madeyousmile

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Guess these days are gone!

What’s funny is the letter from the CEO said that they went on a listening tour to hear what their customers wanted. Judging from all the posts on their links, 99.999% hate it. Who in the world were they “listening” to???!

What in the Children’s Place by way of Target is going on here?

This is new line is UGLY!!!! go back to the cute matching outfits and bring back the toddler sizes.... Let kids be kids!!!! Does anyone know where I can find cute matching outfits for my daughter???

Why didn’t you listen to your customers? No one that is a loyal Gymboree shopper wants to dress their kids like an adult. This is what we want! RIP Gymboree

A white t-shirt, a gray t-shirt, white leggings, black leggings,, I never would have thought to mix and match these pieces! I'm so excited to try this. Revolutionary! This changes everything!!! #MadeMeCry

HUGE mistake on your restructuring, Gymboree! I was a very loyal customer for many years. I’m hoping the Outlet stores will stay like the Gymboree we know and love

Please go back to your old clothes!! The new line is terrible!! Expensive... nothing matches... and why did you eliminate sizes??!!??

You keep saying "details". It doesn't mean what you think it menas. Screenprint is not "details. Words on a shirt are not details. Gymboree hasn't been good for awhile, but now it's gone from bad to worse.

If I wanted camouflage for my daughter, I'd shop at Bass Pro Shops. Absolutely awful.

I have always loved Gymboree. My girls have worn it for years. Everyone is up in arms it seems over clothes!! If you don't like the produce at one store you don't buy it there or you go to a different store. Times are changing, fashion has changed and it doesn't have to be your cup of tea. I do miss the cute sets don't get me wrong but my girls are almost outgrown from that and I am ok moving onto the next era with them. I buy what we like and if it isn't for me I just keep on strolling 😊 I for one love the Camo ❤ And if you need more models my girls would rock it!

I’ve read so many posts Gymboree and 99% of people all agree. We miss the old Gymboree. You thought you revamped but in reality you are going to make it worse. I used to LOVE the old collections and waking up to see the new line out! Go back to your roots and what made Gymboree Gymboree.

Thank you Gymboree for making it easy to move on from your store. If this is what you think your customers want, you really have no clue who your shoppers are. Guess we need to find a new store that's actually unique.

No, Gymboree. Black leggings to go with the Target-esque screen print tee is not “designed to work together.” THIS is old-school gymboree, and truly an outfit “designed to work together”.

I was in today! They took the fitting room away!!!! The clothes I see are stuff I can get at Walmart for a whole lot less. A pair of jeans for a 8yo $44.50. Jean jacket $50. Camouflage pants ridiculously priced. I’ve been shopping there for almost 9 years. I won’t be back!!!

This may go down in history as another of the Worst Marketing Ideas Ever. Not only have the clothes been rebranded so that they no longer appeal to your audience, but the prices have increased to the point of being laughable. You’ll be following your Crazy 8 line right out of business, I fear.

I use to spend about $3000 a year at Gymboree for my daughter mostly and some for my son but in last 6 months I’ve spent maybe $200. Everything just been cheaper feeling and I went to check out new stuff at the store and wasn’t any better. I got a good 8 years of dressing my daughter in Gymboree when it was good from 2010-2015, my sons I started buying in 1998. Oh how I wish we had the quality back of Gymboree from 1999-2015

Sorry, but “Hello sunshine” quotation marks on a camo jacket? Is your team just randomly selecting catchy phrases and sticking them on ...whatever?

Of God Gymboree. What have you done? I looooooved everything about Gymboree before this new makeover. My daughter is 2 1/2 and no joke but her closet is full of only Gymboree clothes. I loved loved loved all the colors and prints. I got to dress her as a little girl. Fun, colorful and adorable. Not a bratty teenage who only wears dark colors. I’m sooo disappointed.

Just a more expensive line of clothing I can get at Target! FAIL on the camouflage. I shop at Gymboree to avoid this for the most part.

Ditch all the rainbows in the boys' line and bring back the beautiful and cute lines! No one wants to dress their babies & toddlers like teenagers!

One more thing, the people involved in this restructuring should be fired!! There is absolutely nothing that makes you stand apart from stores like Carter’s, Gap, or Target any more and you’ve lost a loyal customer of 14+ kids with 4 kids ages 3 mths-14. I’m so bothered by this decision. The reason I shopped here was the uniqueness and cute lines of clothing and got compliments all the time.

Why are you not listening to your loyal shoppers?! My kids having nothing but Gymboree in their closets. We will be skipping this collection and will not step foot in another store if these types of styles continue. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Yeah that's just what my 4 year old daughter needs " super girlfriend jeans" give me a break this new stuff is horrible everyone if you have an outlet gumboree go to it they still have the old collections!!! I got my hands on lots of the old good cute things hurry because after thus I don't think ill shop here again so depressing

I would not buy that or any of the new Gymboree for my 3 yr. old grand daughter. I look for the older Gymboree for her. Nope no thanks

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@bianca.ashby is looking so cute in her new #gymboreestyle #madeyousmile
Repost from @bianca.ashby: “Guys, we are loving the all new @gymboree ! 😍 Being in the outdoors always makes us smile that’s why comfort and versatility is always important in choosing clothes for our toddler. LOVE the quality and style of their new ‘Made You Smile’ Back To School line. Thanks @gymboree ! 💕​”
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@bianca.ashby is looking so cute in her new #gymboreestyle #madeyousmile
Repost from @bianca.ashby: “Guys, we are loving the all new @gymboree ! 😍 Being in the outdoors always makes us smile that’s why comfort and versatility is always important in choosing clothes for our toddler. LOVE the quality and style of their new ‘Made You Smile’ Back To School line. Thanks @gymboree ! 💕​”Image attachment


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Damn. I have never seen so many butthurt moms in one toddler clothing picture EVER. You ladies are doing life wrong. Holy shit...

If they love the new Gymboree they clearly never knew the old Gymboree. RIP Gymboree.

Why everyone judging off pic, go to store , look at it , and feel it see that the quality is exactly what everyone wanted. The saying goes you get what you pay for , you want to pay cheap , you get cheap. Take your kids in let them feel it , let them try it on . Guess what this first line , there many more to come. All heard the last 4 years working, is how , babish our stuff looked , so they made it look older because that’s what was asked for , now they do it and gets nothing, but complaints . Why judge it off not even going in seeing it. If don’t like it ok they are not going please everyone. They arnt chocolate. Gymboree posted for last couple days and lots keeps getting on post just trashing it based off pictures. It’s now in stores, so go in look at it. Kids that been out our store for past 2 years I bet you bring in they will find they will love it because they can wear school and not told they look babyish.

Interesting, the link in her bio is a direct link to gymboree's website.... 🤔🤔🤔

Wow, you found the one person who likes the new stuff. Let me guess, an employee?

She is adorbs!! I still love gymboree. Their clothes wash up well and when you have young boys that are school age you don’t want all matching lines anyways:) spending my gymbucks tommorrow

No thanks. If I wanted basic I would go to Target or GAP. I can get those overalls for $15.99 anywhere else. Time for me to unlike this page now.

As a grandmother of three little girls I have been a very loyal customer of Gymboree. Looked forward to the new line until they presented it. Very disappointed and sad to say Gymboree has lost a very good customer.

We need a new Gymboree. Anyone know of store comparable to the old Gymboree? Or are we stuck with a gaping whole in the market?

Ok where is the old Gymboree cuteness?

I went to the Gymboree store yesterday and style wise its nothing special I havent seen before. I wouldnt buy it and I bled Gymboree. Lol. I talked to sale associate and they have to get rid of the "old" gymboree stuff so i would say keep a look out at gymboree outlets.

Lovely little girl! But those overalls are nothing special.

Not cute at all. I miss the REAL Gymboree!

Ok people, I know we miss the old cute beautiful outfits for our kids !!! ...but it's just clothe !! ..there are many things more important than a piece of clothe ! 🙄Like be grateful that our children are healthy, if you don't like Gymboree anymore just look for some new store else !! 🤷🏻‍♀️

THESE were cute overalls from the strawberry line years ago. They were different from what everyone else had...

Cute little girl but the whole thing tastes like the “New Coke” Please bring back the “Coca Cola Classic”!!!

VERY cute little girl! She looks adorable in her overalls!

Not smiling. The new line is so disappointing!

Just ordered a bunch of fall outfits from Nanette on Zulilly. There is nothing I would buy in this new look at Gymboree. Who needs a toddler trying to be 17?

I miss the old Gymboree styles. I loved the embroidered lines with cute bows, matching purses, shoes, socks, and you could buy so many things to coordinate with it. Overalls are so not cute.

Thank you Gymboree for the new REFRESHING, COOL and HIP designs! I love the new brand and I can’t wait to dress my daughter for back to school. You have been the exclusive brand I have bought for six years and I’m so excited to continue shopping with you throughout the next six years! Thank you for designs that give children personality ❤️❤️.

I guess it’s official my kids will be naked now since Gymboree has NOTHING cute to buy and I bought 90% of our clothes there😩. If i wanted to look like cat and jack or gap i would have shopped there👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

You lost me, Gymboree. If you ever go back to mix and match sets geared toward little kids I'll reconsider. No longer interested in liking a page with overpriced clothes that lost what made them special in the first place.

Cute little girl and outfit, but overall the new Gymboree SUCKS!

I love the overall but not for $44.50.

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The new Gymboree is all about the little details. Embroidered hearts, fuzzy bouclé letters, a rainbow of colors (and none of that scratchy stuff). #madeyousmile

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Thank you Gymboree for the new REFRESHING, COOL and HIP designs! I love the new brand and I can’t wait to dress my daughter for back to school. You have been the exclusive brand I have bought for six years and I’m so excited to continue shopping with you throughout the next six years! Thank you for designs that give children personality ❤️❤️.

This ⬇️⬇️ is why is started buying Gymboree. Why can’t we bring this back?? Congratulations, now your clothes look like everyone else’s. I could buy any of the new stuff at Target, Old Navy or Gap. It does not set you apart.

The details are screen printed. Trust us when we say we totally wouldn’t mind if you went back to your 2006-2012 collections and just keep repeating on loop. We ALL miss your glory days!!!

$44.50 for a pair of KIDS jeans?! I don't even pay that much for my own jeans, which is way more material! Wow

I have purchased Gymboree for my boys for 8 years, but always looked forward to the day I could buy Gymboree for my little girl. I finally had a baby girl and now you change to the new and terribly unimproved style. I'm so sad! I always pictured her dressed in all the matching Gymboree sets! When I entered the store today, I was so upset. It looks like an overpriced version Target's Cat & Jack collection or Old Navy. I don't mind paying more when there was a difference in quality and style. This new change is going to take Gymboree down like a sinking ship. I hope you realize your mistake before you join the bankruptcy club.

Just went to the website and almost cried. So sad to see collections are gone and clothes look so boring. My daughter wants bright colors and fun details. Why Gymboree why?!?! You used to be so cute and fun and unique. 😭

What happened to the Gymboree clothes of 10 Years ago? 😓 so happy that I kept all my older girls clothes. My 4 year old wears all her gymbo hand me downs over me buying new. The new things are too mainstream. You used to stand out. Not anymore.

I remember a few years ago when Gymboree had so many cute outfits and matching accessories. I would get overwhelmed on what to pick because I wanted everything and knew I couldn’t afford all of it at once, believe me, I would go a lot though. My daughter, who is about to be 9 was known for always wearing Gymboree. Now if I look online or try to shop at a Gymboree I’m so underwhelmed and feel disappointed that I couldn’t find one thing I liked for my boy or girls.

I miss the style and colors that I put my kids 21-38 years old. I struggle now when shopping for my grandkids. There was a time when I couldn’t walk out of a Gymboree store without bags of clothing and accessories. Now..I walk in and out without finding anything that really caught my eye.

Glad I saved all my daughter's clothes. I could probably sell them for a bundle now...I loved her gymboree stuff. I don't care for this new stuff

In a world where we teach our children to embrace and celebrate what makes them unique and avoid being like everyone else, just to fit in, it's so sad to see such a great brand cast off everything that made them special and different to create clothes that look like everyone else's. The best thing about Gymboree was the coordinating lines and soft colours with cute details. I hope they really do listen to their customers want and bring back a little of what made them different.

does anybody know that gymbucks promo has started?

Don’t like the styles at all! Stop trying to make KIDS look like 20 year olds!! Bring back the mix and match styles!

Hope they don’t stray too far from their core customer. I love the fun prints and colorful designs of the old Gymboree (although I’m loving that light blue heart dress!)

I’m so disheartened that this is the best this company could do. A thread of comments asking for collections of bright colors and matching items AND EMBROIDERY!!! The age appropriateness and quality was what set you apart. I used to fill my cart and have to delete items to fit my budget. Now, I can’t even find an item to put in my cart. So sad. I’m glad I at least got to experience the real gymboree for my now 4 year old and for my nieces and nephews. Bring back the old styles and quality please!

Dislike. This will be your undoing, Gymboree. If this is what you’re putting out, I will shop at Target. Bring back embroidered details, buttons, lace, and age appropriate clothing. Until that happens, I’m out.

I’d rather have the old Gymboree I bought for the past 15 years.

Please rethink this change. I shop at Gymboree because it is age appropriate cute styles. I’m all for improving quality, but please don’t change the things that made you Gymboree. I really would hate to have to start shopping elsewhere.

Being a mom of a 2 year old and new twins, I never knew about gymboree until I found the most adorable outfit with lined patchwork quilted pants and matching snail top. It is still my favorite outfit my daughter ever wore...and I was hoping that this new change would mimic that older gymboree line of clothing. I want my babies to look like babies, not older than they are. They grow up fast enough, moms aren't trying to speed that process up.

This is so sad! Gymboree was the only place I could buy fun clothes for my boys. Totally agree that the new line is filled with boring, mini adult styles that look just like Gap or Cat and Jack. No redesign was needed, just a return to the quality level from six years ago.

The kids modeling the clothes are beyond adorable, the line Gymboree just rolled out missed the mark. You said you listened to your customers, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. For the first time in years I won’t be using my gymbucks this time around.

Not loving the line at all! Bring back the older stuff the classic preppy colorful mix match outfits if this becomes the new gymboree I will not be shopping here anymore 😔 which is All my two kids wear! Again. Let kids be kids not 20 years Olds

You guys are trying too hard. Go back to making clothes like you did in the good old days and we will knock eachother over getting to them.

You missed the mark by a long shot Gymboree !! Bring back the classic clothes that actually look like they belong on a child, not a teenager! You have lost my business, until you can bring back the quality and style.

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