Victoria’s Secret

Sexy. Glamorous. Innovative. Victoria’s Secret is the leading specialty retailer of lingerie and beauty products, dominating its world with modern, fashion-inspired collections, prestige, fragrances and cosmetics, celebrated supermodels and world-famous runway shows.

Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm
Sunday 11am-6pm

Secrets to sexy summer skin: $10 mists & lotions + $5 mini mists, now for a limited time.
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Since you don't sell clothes anymore, why are you sending the message that it's fashionable to go out in public wearing only a bra or corset and a pair of jeans?? A corset or cami is not a proper top! It's fine and well for a model on a set, but for someone to actually dress like that and think it's cute?? Terrible.

In store too?

Alycia Proulx vient-en à Mountréallll qu’on aille magasiner haha

anybody have $25 off $100 online code they won't be using? I would appreciate it.

I just purchased The Heavenly mist spray yesterday for $10 and it smells amazing.

😪so sad I can not purchase them from Belgium I just love the scent of victoria bodymist

I need to get some

Do you have vanilla?

How much

Lizbeth Moran vamos oh t pegan lmao

Is this in store and online?

Not able to order in Germany 😞

Bring back passionate kisses!!!!!

Donjeta Paloji kur po mi blen🤔😂

Michelle Jablonowski, oh Gott 😍

Daphné Reverchon 😏

Irvinq Emmanuel 💔💔💔

Anum Aly

Sandoval María vamos 😊

Emj Emma Ognimod

Kris-Ellen May

Ana Paguaga

Jocelyn Ramos

Scuderia Truscott

Jasmin Rodriguez

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Strings very much attached: ... See MoreSee Less

Strings very much attached:


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A great lingerie for those of us who love to feel like a busted can of biscuits. 😅

I like the panties

Can you send me the tef number

This is why VS is struggling sales are down because your making things real woman don't want to wear bring back the cute bras and the bombshell collection.

Very beautiful 😍😍

I don't like it at all....if I wanted to feel like I was in bondage I'd wear hand cuffs!! 😂😂

Love the panties!

Too much gorgeous in one person lol love the lingerie !👍

Emm grlfrnd type

I see lingerie like this and feel like it would take a degree in physics to figure out how to put it on. It's basically a bundle of string. :S

That’s a weird bra to me...

Yasss, these are great for bedroom fantasies including me being a space knight rescuing this princess in bondage by a reptile race❤️

Well that’s cute and naughty together

Holy wow, that pic is doctored.

Me likey👅

Axel Habenstein du in diesem Outfit heute Nacht bei mir und mein Traum wird war

NOW WHAT IS JASMINE SAYING NOW.. and THINGS ARE ATTACHED>. Victoria's Secret does jasmine wanna marry me.. there is a giant love for the PURPLE UNIT.. something shifted.. first it was POP STARS.. Lollipops.. then BEAUTY the TRUE BEAUTY loves and my dreams do in fact come true and happen for reall\

I like how it looks but think I wud feel strangled

I swear, Victoria's Secret models have the bodies of goddesses 😍 #FitnessGoals

Jazmin Hunt if I put this on, my lonjas would be coming out of every cutout 🤣

Erika likes this outfit she will have to talk to Trent

A heavenly looking angel if ever there was one.

... 99c including tax and model for free ...

Patricia L. Newton It's the one you wanted :P

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3 days ago

Victoria's Secret

New uniform, new attitude, both thanks to the new sport to street collection. Shop it online only: ... See MoreSee Less

New uniform, new attitude, both thanks to the new sport to street collection. Shop it online only:


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🤨 Usually your models look lean but healthy.... not anymore I guess

Yoga pants aren't supposed to be baggy....

Bring that girl something to eat. Don't be so stingy.

Why do we have to slam women’s figures? Please stop hating and unite!

She looks like a sad what these models are doing to themselves.

would Love top Shop with you Kerstin Beckstroem😍

Just bring back the real clothing line

Somebody get this girl a sandwich.

Omg her arms 😮

If i had a grlfrnd i would

there's no profile, she's like a plank

What bag is she using?

Elle est horriblement maigre !

Looking fabulous Vics

Beautiful photo...

Sexy gorgeous girls

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