Soak Up The Summer Fun

Soak Up The Summer Fun

Soak up the summer fun this year in true California fashion with the latest trends found throughout our variety of apparel stores. This year, be sure to treat yourself to the warm sun, and remember that your vacation time is an important, and necessary part of your life, so live it up well. Be sure to not forget, that after all your hard work this year, you deserve the time to yourself that you get. Whether it’s with friends, or family, there is always something for everyone. Here are a few tips to help you along the way.


Be sure to use your time to the fullest this year, and a nice vacation may do just that for you. Keep it local, or plan a destination. Whether you want to drive down to San Diego for a weekend, go on a cruise, or fly into the Bahama’s for a week, make this summer a summer to remember.


Each summer is a time for a new trend in summer and swimwear. This year’s trends are a modern twist on old favorites like one-piece bathing suits for women, and roll up shorts for men. This summer, there is something for everyone so come on in to any of our apparel stores for the latest, and greatest.


Each year, summer is a big time for music. From new album releases, to festivals, concerts, and so on, summer is a powerhouse of sound. This summer, be sure to check out our free summer concerts every weekend from July 7th 2017 to August 19th 2017, where we will be featuring an array of all star tribute bands for your enjoyment.

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