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For the past decade, Bath & Body Works has reinvented the personal care industry with the introduction of fragrant flavorful indulgences, including shower gels, lotions, candles and accessories. With its focus on creating and offering the best products, and an emphasis on innovation from nature, Bath & Body Works is destined to become the ultimate personal care destination.

Monday – Saturday 10 am – 8 pm
Sunday 11 am – 6 pm

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11 hours ago

Bath & Body Works

When working from home means you get to wear your favorite slippers 🐰
Show us what your view looks like today!
πŸ“Έ @vanecamargo1_
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When working from home means you get to wear your favorite slippers 🐰 
Show us what your view looks like today!
πŸ“Έ @vanecamargo1_

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This is me watching my mailbox waiting for my Bath & Body Works order to be delivered week 2 and Counting...

My view. Wishing I could get refills for my hand sanitizer.... 😑

Relaxing after a long day at the grocery store! Crazy people out there! I come home, shower and fill my senses with whatever BBW scent makes me happy πŸ˜†

3 wick candle sale !!! I want to shop online!! Love them. Have a ton but want more πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

My girl sits next to me all day while I work at the couch and coffee table. She’s my favorite co-worker ever!

Will you create a preorder for the hand sanitizer? πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Cough COUGH... THREE WICK CANDLE SALE..πŸ₯Ί I wanna online shoooooopppppp...please πŸ₯ΊπŸ’Έ

When will bath and body put new foaming hand soaps online. I would love to purchase more online but there are not many on line

Are those bunny slipper available at bath and body works ???

When can we see a candle sale ???? Waiting...

I retired in 2011. Even now I am dressed every day, put earrings on and a bath and body lotion. I just have 20 or so different frangrances; just brought out the spring/summer ones.

While I'd rather be working at my bbw, I'll settle for sleeping puppy and my gingham pj pants!

Please have a great sale soon for everyone stuck at home that is running low on 3 wick candles/ refills and all your other goodies!!!πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Oliver and I are enjoying the warming up here in MN! Just ordered some new products! They will be welcomed whenever they arrive. Stay safe all!

Relatively boring I’m afraid but at least I’ve managed to ditch the pjs today! Stay safe, stay well everyone ❀️

Looking out the window and I have a little visitor bunny

This is my mum's view today. Her cat loves her bbw order box

Flip flops and I need a manicure

My moms new puppy “ Zora “ looking out the window ❀️😊. I dropped my phone on my toe and now my toe is bruised so she’s keeping me from being in a bad mood from it 😊

Glad I am blessed with this quarantine view @ Lake Kapowsin, Wa

Quarantined at the lake! But I have my BBW with me! Beautiful day!

On the porch relaxing!

From my front porch...relaxing in the porch swing 😊

I haven’t received coupons in a while. I won’t shop online without them, especially with everyone out of work right now.

Snoopy and the gang!

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MONDAY MANTRA! Raise your hand if you believe in beauty sleep & big dreams πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ’‹πŸ˜΄β˜οΈπŸ’«
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Need more of the cute animal foaming hand soaps and PLEASE bring back the Marshmallow Fluff 3 wick candle - I’m so sad that I missed it!😒

I tried to purchase some sanitizers this am and I was able to get it in my cart but when I checked out it said it sold out. I was only online for a few minutes bc I was trying to add something. Does that normally happen? I’m trying to get them for my daughter who is still an essential worker.

Your running out of a lot of your foaming hand soaps. Will you be getting more in? And when will they come in, as well as the hand sanitizers?

Are you guys still shipping? We put in an order last week for our daughters Bday and it hasn’t shipped yet so I was wondering if you stopped shipping due to the pandemic.

I’m waiting on a candle sale....literally have 20 candles in my cart but need a sale so I can complete my order!!!

I absolutely love the scent Sexy Dahlia. Will it ever come back?

Please do a candle sale. All this going on but no good deals.

Please have a sale soon!! I’m itching to buy some new things!

The last time I ordered I received a broken candle. I emailed you guys about it and never got a response.

I can't find my coupons that were mailed and I want to place an order. Is there a promo code I can use for a discount?

When’s ur next hand foaming soap sale?? I want to buy on ur next sale πŸ˜€

I am a little disappointed. There haven’t been any really good sales lately for candles or wallflowers. Also, there have been a lack of coupons, for example 10 off 30 or 20% off. Also, I believe shipping should be reduced or waived due to not being able to go into the store and buy items.

I love your aromatherapy wash and lotion (cedarwood). Do you ship product internationally?

Free shipping pleaseπŸ€—

Hi what is your standard time to ship out a package at the moment

I love your products. I am currently waiting for another candle sale. I am almost out of spring scents

I am so frustrated. Keep getting the same email about it being almost ready to ship. Then I got a It has shipped email on Sat. Today I got another email that order is still processing. If my plug ins weren’t almost empty I would cancel!

Bath & Body Works Should always be free shipping. The products are amazing but they are also very expensive. And if you add taxes and shipping costs to that price.....πŸ™„

Not interested in what you have available. I tried to make a purchase and the shipping was HIGHER than the total of my order. Also 5 oz of hand sanitizer for $8 is RIDICULOUS! I was able to find 16 ozs. For $5 and I like it much better than yours.

I am LOVING Peony! I’d like to learn how to hand-letter. Anyone know what pens she used?

Very disappointed in bath & body! No sales, coupons, and higher prices! And YES I get your emails and there has been nothing! RIDICULOUS!!!

My 20% off coupon is not working. It expires 4/15/20. I sent you a message please help

I just want a pocketbac holder, but on the rare occasion there are some available, they're either super feminine or they're freaking $12. I work at a grocery store and people drain the dispensers we have, and I don't have pockets to store a little bottle of sanitizer. πŸ˜”

I had a package out for delivery on Sunday , then out for delivery today and it still hasn’t been delivered , it is 7:30pm in Virginia , I’m worried because I work in a warehouse and I need the hand sanitizers that i ordered , I’m not sure what to do

Will you be getting more foaming hand soap in “Lavender Rose”?

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3 days ago

Bath & Body Works

This week’s self-care session is all about stress relief πŸ’šπŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ So sit back & get ready to ease your mind!πŸ’†β€β™€οΈ πŸ’†β€β™‚οΈ
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Is the coconut pineapple shower gel going to be restocked? Every time I ask, it’s keep checking but here try this (insert a product I have zero interest in). I’d rather someone just say no, it’s not going to be, yes but it’s going to be a little while, or we don’t know.

For a company who constantly sends me codes for coupons and free shipping you have gone silent! What the heck BBW?! Help us out so that we can help you out!!!

Bath & Body Works, is there any chance you can offer some free shipping deals (with a certain $ amount for example) during this difficult time? I would love to restock on some things but I hate to pay for shipping and all local stores are closed. It would be super nice of you! Thanks for considering it!

Coupons and free shipping would be nice.

I’ve encountered TERRIBLE customer service recently. I hope there is a business after the end of this health crisis.

Are candles going to be on sale again?

When will candles be on sale ??

Even though that seemed a little strange, it really was very relaxing. it help to relieve the headache that I've had for days and I really enjoyed it! Thank you!

Please Please put your Aromatherapy on sale. I asked before. They are still not on sale? Why not? I think this is the time most women could really use aromatherapy. I don’t know why you won’t put them on sale, like a 20% coupon or 3 for $20 or $25. I would be very grateful and will know then that you listen to your customers. I have been buying your products for many years.

Relaxing during these times is so hard, thank you so much for this, even after a few minutes my energy and mind felt reset

She does the same stuff I don’t get it πŸ˜‚ what does this do for people And at bath and body works I want my stuff it’s been 6 days 4 boxes not one shipped out y’all think y’all slick

The stress relief that I need is for you guys to keep the website up to date and rectify your errors appropriately. I ordered hand sanitizers and the pockets to hold them. After completing my entire order(very quickly trying to checkout before the sanitizer sold out again), I got confirmation from PayPal showing the entire order, but the receipt from B and B shows that the sanitizer was dropped from the order. I immediately reached out via chat and asked them to cancel it, as I am unable to use the holders without the sanitizer and was told no. It cannot be cancelled. I'd have to wait for it to arrive and then go through the trouble of shipping it back. The order was placed 10 minutes ago and has not shipped. Ridiculous!

While I appreciate the effort to provide a calming sound bath, the pitch of the bowls is jarringly out of tune as they are stroked. Makes my fillings throb in my head! Anything but relaxing...

Great. Another post with people who wake up everyday to complain about shipping. #noonecares P.s - 🀣

It would be a great time for a candle sale. I'm going through them like crazy being at home.

this is the best way 2 show some significant way 2 release all your strength n beauty by meditating

Can you maybe make some of the coconut hydrating body creams and body washes without cocoa butter???? Pineapple and coconut are my favorites but I can’t always get the flavors I really like because they all have cocoa butter in and I’m highly allergic to it. 😞

Why is shipping taking forever? I am self quarantining and would have ordered from someone else if I knew that shipping is this delayed from normal. I need soap 😭

BEWARE...they made hand sanitizer available yesterday so of course I placed my order, along with other items that I would not have ordered alone. Surprise, this morning the sanitizer has been removed, but of course all of the other items are available and will be shipped...shady...

I will ease my mind when you restock the hand foam soaps, especially the kitchen πŸ‹ lemon! Thank you

It’s crazy how you guys are not giving coupon codes during all of this

Bath and Body works needs to have a great candle sell

All I want is more luxe cream hand soap. I feel like the hand soaps aren’t getting replaced once sold out.

Please release more hand sanitizer!

Can y’all stop production of everything else and just do soap and hand sanitizer? Then ship free or be open limited hours to sell it?????

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