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For the past decade, Bath & Body Works has reinvented the personal care industry with the introduction of fragrant flavorful indulgences, including shower gels, lotions, candles and accessories. With its focus on creating and offering the best products, and an emphasis on innovation from nature, Bath & Body Works is destined to become the ultimate personal care destination.

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16 hours ago

Bath & Body Works

Warm. Radiant. Sun-kissed. NEW Golden Sunflower is a radiant blend of:
πŸ’› Sunflower Petals
🧑 Orange Flower
🀍 Fresh Vanilla
Head to Stories to learn more about our newest fragrance!
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Warm. Radiant. Sun-kissed. NEW Golden Sunflower is a radiant blend of:
πŸ’› Sunflower Petals
🧑 Orange Flower
🀍 Fresh Vanilla
Head to Stories to learn more about our newest fragrance!

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Love this scent πŸ’›πŸŒ»

I love your products!! Unfortunately one of the wallflowers I purchased today wasn’t wrapped up and broke. Any way I can get a new one? Thank you!

Has anyone had major issues with Bath and Body Works lately? My shipment was 3 weeks late and I finally had some time to call customer service. Apparently a shipping label was created, but it never shipped. It took about 30 minutes on the phone for a replacement order because they no longer had a few of the items in my original order. Days later I receive an email that a few items in my replacement order were cancelled because they are no longer available? 😑The icing on the cake was I just received my order and one of the soap dispensers was cracked and everything was covered in soap. This is the second time that I have received a broken soap. I think I am going to start getting my soap elsewhere. I love Bath and Body Works products, but it is not worth the hassle. Quality should be better for the price!

Is this anything like the scent "hello sunshine?" I loved that scent

Will you ever have Italian Lavender in hand soap again? I don't like the french

I purposely went to our local store to experience the scent of this new fragrance. I'm sorry, but I didn't care for it. Disappointed.

I wish y’all would bring back “Vanilla Noir” πŸ˜­πŸ˜” I still haven’t found anything close to it.

Today’s Buy 2 Get 2 Essential oil Body Care haul plus $10.00 off $40 YAY Sunrise yoga smell so nice

My package was delivered yesterday with a burst tube

Are you ever going to restock Beachfront Blanket?!?!

smells amazing! Can you guys please bring back Comfort: Vanilla and Patchouli in the Aromatherapy please and thanks!

If this smells anything like Elizabeth Ardens Sunflowers from back in the day.. I think I may have to go get some. It was my favorite in junior high! Volleyball days! Claire Mullikin

Can you please bring back comfort aromatherapy in vanilla and patchouli, I know many loved this. It seems to keep its scent all day. The newer products, I have noticed don't keep a scent, almost seem watered down?

I love 😍❀ Sunset Glow πŸŒ€πŸ’œ Golden Sunflower 🌻, and Sparkling Plum Prosecco

Not a big fan of this, but I'm loving the expansion in the Aromatherapy line, keep them coming please, I just bought 2 new scents today, everyone knows you must buy matching lotions & bodywashes, please bring back coriander/ bergamot, & sandalwood rose πŸ‘

I got Golden Sunflower yesterday. I put the lotion on and was not sure of what I thought of it. I wore it for an hour and fell in love with it. At first it is very floral, but it dries down to a mix of all 3 scents. I love the hint of vanilla.

I haven't shopped here in a few years due to poor customer service at a store in Kansas. Got a hold of customer service and nothing was done about and was never made right. It's a shame cuz I would love to try this candle or scent

I was ready to go grab this until it said vanilla ! Nope not with vanilla... lost me with that

I’m so bummed I didn’t like this smell! I love sunflowers!! 🌻

My order took over 14 days to come 3 shower gels were leaking and the top of the body spray is broken....

I am still waiting on my coupons. Have spent a great deal of money at Bath & Body ordering online.Thank You.

I went to the store today and the body spray was all sold out! No worry's they're getting more shipped in

Love this smell and sunset glow, yummy new scents

Would love it if you would bring back secret wonderland

Golden sunflower smells amazing!! I got it today and can’t stop smelling it!!!

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2 days ago

Bath & Body Works

Every hour is golden hour with bright Sunflower fragrances ✨ β˜€οΈ 🌻 ... See MoreSee Less

Every hour is golden hour with bright Sunflower fragrances ✨ β˜€οΈ 🌻

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So happy got my package in today. Smells great!!! 😁🌻

I went to the store to go try this I love it it smells so good and during the day it gets better and better so kudos love this product

I'm a recovered covid-19 patient and I still have not regained my sense of smell πŸ˜” but I love sunflowers!!! Anyone have this that could give me their opinion on this???

How close does this smell to the old wild citrus sunflower

Probably my favorite scent of the season! 🌻

I am trying to order online. It will not give me the 6/$26 price for six of the same exact soaps . I have done the chat twice and they can’t help me.

I knowwwwww Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin is coming back in body care right?! 😫.

I want all of them just have these for now

I’m so excited to go check this collection out lol

Can’t wait for mine to get here ...super excited πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ˜¬

When are the fall scents going to be released?

Have a order coming in today. Full of fall soaps and sprays

They make you buy so much to get free shipping it’s ridiculous I feel they should give us free shipping that was we can buy more

I remember I used to get coupons ALL the time via email and mail. What happened?? It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten anything 😭

Last time I ordered from y’all I had no problem. This time my package was supposed to be delivered and was not and they sited no secure area. I didn’t have that problem with my last order to my current address.

Very pretty how does it smell

I wonder do they have this in a complete set instead of purchasing separately

Has anyone had problems with their plug-ins turning yellow on top and their refills smelling burnt when they get heated. And it doesn't matter which wall plug I use. Also, is there a way to clean the yellowed top without just tossing it since I like the decorated ones.

Love b&b but the shipping is RIDICULOUS

Oh man I so want to try this. My sister and I just ordered a bunch of fall Fragrance hand soaps and wallflowers. Now I want to get body care LOL in this sunflower scent and some other old favorite fall fragrances. Love love XOXO Bath & Body Works

Shipping is rediculous! $7.50 for a hand soap, 9.99 for shipping. 6 for $26 deal, shipping is $30... Really? I have a store 30 minutes from me, got there and sign on door "Closed temporarily". I am assuming because Covid. If stores aren't open then Shipping should not be through the roof. πŸ˜•

Finally got in to a store and bought Golden Sunflower. Even my 8 year old son loved the scent!

How come when I order online it goes to us money there should be a Canadian website

Would this be a good scent for someone who suffers from allergies? Would you say the scent is light or heavy?

Does anyone have this? It looks so pretty but can someone please honestly explain the smell? I’m torn with trying it

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3 days ago

Bath & Body Works

Wallpaper Wednesday: Sunflower edition! β˜€οΈ 🌻 πŸ’›Head to Stories for Wallpapers inspired by our newest fragrance, Golden Sunflower! ... See MoreSee Less

Wallpaper Wednesday: Sunflower edition! β˜€οΈ 🌻 πŸ’›Head to Stories for Wallpapers inspired by our newest fragrance, Golden Sunflower!

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Best experience EVER! Ordered Sunday and everything arrived today! You guys are doing awesome!! This is a box full of FALL HEAVEN!! πŸ‚πŸπŸƒπŸ˜

One of my sunflowers, dancing in the breeze, on a cloudy day in Arkansas! As soon as I heard about the new Golden Sunflower scent, I had to go get some body cream and the body spray to go with it! I love it! Thank you Bath and Body Works!

Their newest Golden Sunflower is absolutely amazing. My new favorite πŸ₯°

Are you going to bring back the Warm Apple Pie scent?? That’s one of my favorites and perfect for fall!

My two favorite things in the universe: sloths and sunflowers!

Where are the coupons, Bath and Body Works?!?! I want to place an order, but it will cost me 75 bucks vs. the 45 it usually does. No way, Jose!!

I wish I could get the hand sanitizer not in fall scents but that’s all I can seem to find

The new scent is awesome! 🌻

When will the candles go on sale, need to stock up

I got soaking wet coupons in the mail! πŸ˜‘ Will they still except them? πŸ˜”

I got some coupons in the mail

I love sunflowersπŸ’›πŸŒ»β˜ΊοΈ

I’m signed up with bath and body works and I don’t get no coupons in the mail I would love get coupons because I love shopping at bath & body works

I live by some beautiful sunflowers🌻

How do I get the screen saver?

What does this smell like?

I have not received any coupons in a long time on your birthday month don’t you get something . It would be nice to receive something soon.

I wish I was getting mailed coupons like other people are I used to get them all the time then last year it stopped all the sudden I haven’t gotten mailed coupons in over a year it’s so frustrating

The love of my life and I at the Sunflower Field's in Nelson, Wi. Stocked up at Bath and Body today!

No Beach nights summer marshmallow this year? 😒 I'm excited Bonfire bash and Marshmallow pumpkin latte are back and look forward to trying Sugared cherry crisp

love the new sunflower scent. I bought the body lotion and hand cream today :)

Sunflower fields just outside Pittsburgh, last week.

Please, please restock more of the PocketBac online!!

My garden of sunflowers - Colorado

For the love of 🌻! Thats actually my favorite flower!

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