Crab N Spice

Coming Soon to Dos Lagos!

It all started in our home kitchen with friends and family in 2014. With the creation of the first original CNS sauce, an experimentation of spices and tastes was followed by the richly delectable Coconut Flavor, best enjoyed with fresh clams or mussels. What first began in our home as a family—favorite is now best known today as the home of the original and the only CNS sauce, a symphony of crazy good flavors enjoyed and loved in all of our restaurant branches in California.
In the process of building the first CNS location in Ventura, the All—In Flavor and CNS Lemon Garlic Flavor was then added to our growing menu along with our popular and highly—requested Garlic Noodles.
The unique and delicious menu coupled with our outstanding staff and customer service is what we are proud of in CNS. CNS Corporate is all about taking care of people. In addition to that, they are currently in business helping elderly and patients at home
Then in 2015, they launched Crab N Spice. Soon thereafter, they launched a location in Palmdale, CA and have grown both to an impressive level of sales and profits. With the knowledge and operational experience gained from these ventures, the next project is to expand the business via franchising.