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1 day ago

TGI Fridays

Choose Two is a great move, but why stop there? Go ahead, treat yourself to some premium sides, too! ❤️️ ... See MoreSee Less

Choose Two is a great move, but why stop there? Go ahead, treat yourself to some premium sides, too! ❤️️


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That doesn't look like your normal Mac & cheese!! Please tell me you didn't change the recipe.

Please please pretty please come back to central Iowa. We miss you so! 🙂😊

Love love my TGIF. Big ribs are awesome ..as always ..tried loaded fries sooo awesome ...

One of our favorite places!

When I go there I will definitely get the any two, both Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breasts! They are Yummy and Delicious TGI Fridays!🤤😋 Maybe with a side of your Mac & Cheese!😋

최현정 김은경 Wow! It's amazing

Stefan Rieger des wär mal wieder was😍


Wael Saimoua

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4 days ago

TGI Fridays

They say if you have five things from Fridays $5 on #Fridaythe13th, it's good luck for life. We don't know who "they" are, but we totally agree. 🙃 ... See MoreSee Less


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Hubs went tonight with friends and it was horrible. Bad food, really bad service. He brought me home dinner and I was shocked that this is what they charged $20 for. It was inedible...shrimp was charred and raw.

Next road trip to Bossier, I'm tipping over to Shreveport for the TGIF experience.

Apps are $5??!!

Best Mac & Cheese!!

You have Fridays Appetizers for 5 dollars TGI Fridays? If you do sounds good! Your Cheese sticks are good!😋

Lexi 😩

Are y’all still in business?


the skin ribs w ur own needs can b very delicious w ur own finger tips, then again all ur finger foods can b very challenging

Keena Jones lets go

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1 week ago

TGI Fridays

Brighten up your summer nights with our Flaming Mai Tai and Flaming Frozen Lava Flow. 🔥😮 ... See MoreSee Less


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If those are non-alcoholic ill be buying many.

So on June 13th I gave my daughter my bank card to go to Friday’s in District Heights. Her bill came up to $18.60 and the waitress decided to STEAL a $10.00 tip on a $18 meal. I have been fighting with Friday’s since June 18th to get my money back. I spoke with the restaurant and the Corporate office. They confirmed the charge and the bill amount. This is not how you do business!!! Why do I have to WAIT for something that was STOLEN from me??? Moral off the story is don’t use your bank card at this location because the waitress steals and the company is cool with that.

We should go try them !

They look awesome!

I had the Mai tai it was ok but not worth the $8 I had to pay........... & I used my birthday gift card........

Had one last week,not good at all and very expensive!

I tried the Lave flow one the other night and it was pretty good!!!

Omg the lava one looks so good what's in it

Lava Flow is my fave....I'll be in!

What's in the flaming lava drink. Flavors?

Gotta try dat!💗😉

OMG!!! Bobbie Martin & Courtney Merritt

Anthony Bulnes I wannnnnt


Samantha Graebner we have to go again

Jeremy Messner Please take me on a date here

Let try it this weekend Vincent Morris

Falecia Pacifico if they hadn’t closed our Friday’s we could have a lunch date...I could drink these and you could drink cherry coke 😉

Kevin Kelley ? Shall we try

Kelsey Waughtal we need to try these 😍

Ursula Brunings Get your own! I'll have one of each, please.

Wes Cummings, we MUST go!!! I love their Mai Tai!!! Milissa Berstler, we MUST go too!!!


Matthew Lessner I need one.

Esther 😋😋

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